Theodore T-Bag Bagwell

Vietnam 22/6/2015 1.14 AM

“We are the captives of our own identity. We are who we are and nothing’s gonna change that” quoted from T-Bag.

Theodore T-Bag Bagwell in Prison Break, American series movie, is an admirable person though he was a children rapist, an contemptible person and a sexual predator. Even worst, he was an in-breed child of a retarded father. That being said, having been born in such circumstance, T-Bag somehow was always being under his own captivity of negativity.

I am not talking about and complementing on Robert Lyle Knepper because of his acting skill and his ability to truly become the character in the movie. He possesses a brilliant character incartnation skill. And that is out of the question.

What I am trying to mention is the character Theodore Bagwell himself. He was, at first, such the worst person you could not even imagine. I am sure that even though you consider yourself as the most compassionate and warmhearted person on earth, that guy, T-Bag would not be dersvered any empathy and love from you. The only thing he would and could deserve is hatredness from people.

However, as the movie played along, he had shown some bright side of his personality. In season 4, he was unexpectedly given a chance to become Cole Pfeiffer, the most respectful, intelligent and the top saleman in Northeast region. He was also provided the one-of-a-life-time chance to change his life dramatically without people knowing that he once used to be a convict in Fox River Penitentiary. He even had people called him sir, prepared coffee for him every morning he went to work. He even had a private office for himself, the experience he thought even in dream he would never have.

As the saleman in GATE company, he showed his outstanding public speaking skill, he did not even need preparation to have a good presentation, all he did was to improvise. When he received the bad news that Brad Bellick, a correctional officer in Fox River, who used to treat T-Bag like trash, even worse than a dog, he still cried for the death of old Brad. “Old Brad, as my pappy used to say “stand by your glasses steady, and drink to your comrades eyes. Here’s a toast for the dead already, and hurrah for the next to die.”.“ He said the last remembering words to the late Brad with tears running down on his face. I am not really sure what he meant when he said those words but the way he said it proved everything that he was not born a monster like he used to think he was. The way he said it was really touching.

And then, C’est la vie. Life is not just an easy game in which you have fully control over. There came unexpected factors that prevented him from being a good person. There was a girl named Kretchen who took advantages of T-Bag’s office in an intention of taking Scylla which she could sell to the buyer with a price of millions of dollars. The girl pointed machine guns at T-Bag’s colleagues without any mercy, forcing him to obey her orders in doing so if he did not want to get a bullet through his tiny head. Being hopeless, there was nothing he could do.

Disapointing! He said he was once Cole Pfeiffer. Respected businessman. Top salesman in the Northeast Region. Now he’s back being prisoner of my his own identity. Theodore Bagwell. Convict. To hell with it. We are who we are, right? Desperately said T-Bag.

After all, after writing all of the bullshit about a character in the movie, what I am realizing now is that regardless of how bad one person was in the past, if he can show that he want to change. Don’t leave him. Just grant him a chance to be a better person. In the case of T-Bag, he did not have a choice to be born in an inbreed family nor did he want to become a rapist. If things just went on nicely for T-Bag, he could be better, he could do a lot of good for society regardless of all the unacceptable crimes he committed previously.

To some further non-argument-supported thoughts, if there was a man who was desperate enough to have the intention of commiting suicide, that means he was standing near the cliff with an intention of jumping down. Some negatives words of those distruted people will invisibly or indirectly push the man down to the cliff. Nevertheless, the man just need some supportive and positive encouragement even at the smallest scale, that is more than enough to save the man life.

My mother was once successful in doing the later helping save a life of one person when he was in his most miserable situation. That’s why I want to write this lengthy post and probably no one would even care. But I just want to write it because of my own spontaneous emotion.


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