It’s peculiar that a Vietnamese guy fiercely enjoys listening to Chinese songs, especially the ones written by the above two Chinese singers.

It’s also been a while since I stopped listening to Jay Chou. Naturally comes the melody, I started being brought back to the very distant childhood time when Where Is The Promised Happiness, Give Me The Time Of A Song or Maple Leaf were still my favorite. A lot of memory, feelings and motivations which I thought I have lost since coming here in Singapore suddenly all together come back. They were all new and fresh as if I have just had them yesterday.

Today is also the day that I have set a new goal for my prolonged tiring life in this not-so-interesting country. I will read 2 chapters of Divergent per day, noting down all the new words in these 2 chapters, keeping track of figuratively used phrases also so that after 20 days of continuous determinations, I will complete the book. The specific date of completion is 2.5.2015. Hopefully, I will not be fucked up by my laziness. Why I do this? This is to contribute to my ultimate goal of the year which is writing enhancement.

Today is also the day I first came across JJ LIN’s If Only. It’s a really nice song with a addictive piano melody and touching lyrics. There is an emergence of interest for Chinese Language. I would really like to learn it. I have not realized its plain beauty for a long time. When back to my beloved tiny house in Hanoi, learning Chinese will be my second priority following the first one which is my film project – Lucid Dreaming.

That’s all I have for today’s writing. I am looking forward to my improvement in a near future!


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