My deepest feeling about Coach for College – Summer 2015

Have you ever experienced the situation when you have some sorts of life crisis when you started your first year in University. I have! Honestly, I had no idea what my passion is as well as the ultimate purpose of getting my Bachelor degree. My freshman life just flied by without me doing anything until I participated in Coach for College.

If you want me to describe how I feel about the program! It is one of the kind experience you will have ever had. I can ensure that you will learn a lot and grow immensely. At first I just wanted to apply for the Program because I thought that I would have a chance to travel Danang, Hue as well as Hoi An in order to temporarily forget my bloody boring life at University. I participated in without any expectations, but everything changed.

It was the kids that changed you wholly. It was their purest love that purify your soul which used to be crowded with a lot of worries, depression or undue stress . It was their pretty smiles on their beautiful faces that made your whole day when you knew that they genuinely understood what you had taught them.

And so on and so on, everything just kept turning out exactly what I’d dreamt for. After the program, I did not dare to say that I finally found my passion but I am making sure that you ( I mean I) will be a better person. Even if you do not feel that you not yet become better, you will try your best to do so because you are now aware that you, it’s you, are the kids’ source of inspiration, their real life model. Kids look up to you as they are trying. You will feel some kinds of responsibility to become successful since you surely don’t want to let the kids down, right?

At the end of the day, I might not find my genuine passion but I do appreciate how lucky I am to have a life that I am having now. And I am 100 percent sure that I will make it count!


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