David Hume – On Miracles

This is my second post on Hume. To be honest, the reason why I like Hume is because he is really really dramatic. His leisure time activity is to mock religious monks. He mocks in such a way that it would make the religious monks feel extremely pissed off. For your information, Hume was born... Continue Reading →

Goverment Surveillance, Kant, Snowden and John Oliver

John Oliver is a freaking genius. He came up with an analogy between Section 215 of the Patriot Act and a car-related activities. The act says the NSA has a right to collect any 'tangible' things whatsoever for the sake of preventing international terrorism. This is no different from you borrowing your father's car and... Continue Reading →

A Vulnerable Community

Hello World!

After the Paris attack last Friday, my news feed was inundated with statuses of my friends expressing their horror, shock and grief over the horrifying incident that happened in the glamorous City of Lights. As someone who is not interested in expressing opinions on social media, I felt obliged to say something about this tragedy, but my thoughts were just scattered around. I was shocked and frightened. However, what surprised me the most was the kind of thoughts that suddenly pop up in my head when I scrolled down the news thread about the attack. “What’s so wrong with Islam?”. I know that I’m not alone with this doubt, which is even more problematic, as I have seen this point repeated from time to time during my discussions with friends about recent terrorist attacks.

Although I am clearly not a Muslim, Islam has always been intrinsically intriguing to me. During my…

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Hamudodi – Thuật Yêu Đương

Đây có lẽ là một trong những quyển sách mang tính khai sáng cho mình về tâm lý của cả hai giới. Nếu đặt địa vị của bác Thu Giang vào thời điểm viết, khi những tiến bộ khoa học về tâm lý học con người chưa phát triển như bây giờ, nhưng với những... Continue Reading →

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