Goverment Surveillance, Kant, Snowden and John Oliver

John Oliver is a freaking genius. He came up with an analogy between Section 215 of the Patriot Act and a car-related activities. The act says the NSA has a right to collect any ‘tangible’ things whatsoever for the sake of preventing international terrorism. This is no different from you borrowing your father’s car and you say you will use it for car-related purposes, in fact, you have your girl friend giving you a blow job in the car and that, as you claim, a car-related activity and you are not considered as lying.

How manipulative and misleading the law is. If you are not a lawyer, how can you supposedly tell the difference? Kant would say the government still has done the right thing as long as they did not technically lie. But what’s the difference between a misleading statement and an outspoken lie when both of them are ending up at deceiving and manipulating the people?

If Kant allows the government to do such a thing, he is actually freaking contradicting himself, because even though the government doesn’t technically lie, meaning they don’t violating a perfect duty to lie, but they manipulate people in believing the deceptive statement. That means the government treats its people as mere means for the government’s purpose. The government hasn’t respected its people as rational beings worthy of having their own ends. That’s not morally acceptable for Kant!

John Oliver was right. A perfect safety and perfect personal privacy do not just happily coexist unless there is a reasonable restriction on both sides.

I was just so inspired by watching the video. John Oliver is a freaking genius when he tries to make supremely complicated issues in an acceptably understandable way. I was just surprised when he interviewed random people on Newyork street, I was just perplexing when people are saying they don’t know who Edward Snowden is.

Snowden made a couple of points. And that contains a shitload of philosophical ideas. You are not completely free of risk when you are free, the only time you are free of risks is when you are in prison. I am just so inspired as well when he said why should we change our behavior just because our government agency has done something wrong somewhere.

Government Serveillance – John Oliver


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    1. Thank you Chau Anh. Thank you for your comment. I hope even though we do not have much time to talk to each other, by writing our thoughts down here, our shared values and friendship will always remain intact 🙂

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