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People call me Hung Tran. I am from Vietnam and currently a study abroader in Singapore. This blog is a place where I share my thought on various topics. The topics range from thought provoking ones such as philosophy or literature to just as simple ones as daily life or my own memory. You can see a whole bunch of topics I am working on by clicking on the respective links in the menu bar. Below are several projects that I am now embarking on. 

1. Hamudodi 

Here are my 3 Hamudodi posts so far. I will write more so don’t worry.

Right now, I am working on my own project called Hamudodi series. Hamudodi simply means that “Hãy Mau Đọc Đi”. A direct translation into English is “Read! Now!”. I strongly believe that only through readings can people acquire knowledge and grow intellectually. However, there are few problems. Firstly, there are so many books and there is so little time for us to read them. In addition to that, not all of the books are actually worthy of reading. Secondly, there are so many good books but not many of us are willing to read them. Finally, there are so many good books, at the same time, there are so many underprivileged people, whose life may have been changed through knowledge gained from books, do not have access to those well-written books.

Hamudodi‘s ultimate concern is to promote the reading culture among Vietnamese youth, especially those who are still in upper primary school, secondary school and high school. Other than that, Hamudodi also tries to provide underprivileged youth with books that may change their lives through changes in perception.

The next question arises, how Hamudodi can actually achieve its goal. Simply put, through book review and book drive donation. Hamudodi series is my own personal reviews about those books that I have read. Those books may be well written or poorly written but at least, my review can deliver a sort of general information helping the future reader to decide whether they want to embark on that book journey.

To partially address the final problem which is providing access to books for those underprivileged youth, this summer 2016 I am planning to go back to Pham Van Dong secondary school in Danang, where I spent 3 weeks teaching the kids. This coming back is served as a looking back, after 1 year, how the kids have changed, for the better or for the worse, as well as a constant encouragement and motivation for them to pursue higher education. I want to come back to teach the children some basic life skills such as time management, financial literacy and especially developing book reading habit.

2. Philosophical Discussion

This serie is where I write about Hume’s philosophy, Kant’s philosophy and philosophy of religion. Those are the topics that I have a pretty decent knowledge on. In addition, I will also write more about recent ethical issues such as our environmental responsibility, surrogate mother or the ethics of eating meat. Those are the field of applied ethics, which are quite interesting to write about.

Below are all of my posts on philosophy. Do check it out. You can also see all of them by clicking in the philosophy tab in the menu bar as well.



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